Second SOUP – July 2016

The 2nd Ely Soup place took place at Sylhet Restaurant on Market Street courtesy of owner Zahid. 3 organisations pitched: Invisible Illness Support Group and Pos+bility and Ely Community First Responders
All bidding for the £260 raised by the £5 entry fee for guests.

Ely Community First Responders started with an impressive 3 minute demonstration on what happens when someone collapses from a possible cardiac arrest and an emergency call is made. In the demonstration, no ambulance was close by so one of the volunteers attended with a defibrillator.
They showed how to keep calm, give compressions and the use of example life saving piece of equipment.
After the demonstration they told us how the first 8 minutes after an arrest is vital to prevent brain damage.
They were at the Soup to assist with purchasing a new defibrillator for Ely after one of theirs had become faulty.

Second to talk was Hayley Mason who has recently set up a new group to give support to those suffering with invisible illnesses.
Hayley started her talk by saying she was impressed by the First Responders and believing other groups deserve the money more than hers but humbly she continued to let everyone know that she started the group because the nearest one she could find was in Essex.
Invisible illnesses include Lupus, Rhumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and support is lacking. Hayley told us all that she is working to get more interaction between various support networks but is here to try and find a place for meetings as currently they are all using a friends front room.
Finally, Linda Neate from Pos+Ability came to explain why they are always needing assistance.

The organisation has now been running for several years in various locations around the area and 2 hours a week for 6 months assistance with things like me memory and cognitive skills development and balance and resistance work.
With some full time staff and a small army of volunteers, the organisation continues to grow and more fund are needed to keep with the growing demand that the free to use organisation is under.

After hearing all 3 pitches the attendees ate a Soup that was made by Theresa, butternut squash and coconut. LOVELY!!

The attendees while eating were given the opportunity to discuss among themselves and with the groups who to vote for and after voting had finished.

The winning projejct was Invisible Illness Support Group. HAYLEY MASON from Invisible Illnesses Support Group.

Speaking to us after the event, Hayley said, “This changes everything for us, we can now start to look for our own location meet up and help others”.